Environmentally Responsible

Environmentally Responsible

Being environmentally responsible is not only good for us, but is also good for business, our clients and suppliers. Read about our support for green.

Natural Stone, Naturally Beautiful, Naturally Green

At StonePly, we strive to be responsible members of the global community. While we all want to "save the world", being environmentally responsible is also simply good business: good for our clients, good for our suppliers, and good for us. We care about the environment, both in the production of StonePly natural stone panels and in their end use.

The Outdoor Environment

  • StonePly's light weight reduces transportation costs and fuel consumption. This reduces transportation pollution by up to 80%.
  • StonePly uses less material to produce than a comparable thick slab stone-facing.
  • Reduced weight reduces the structural requirements to carry the weight. This translates into reduced material usage in the building's structure.
  • The aluminum honeycomb and ACM is recyclable.
  • Stone ages gracefully. Stone, in all its variety: marble, granite, limestone, and travertine, is one of the most long lasting, weather resistant, and durable materials. Since stone lasts so long, it does not need the kind of regular disposal and replacement some cladding materials do.
  • StonePly stone panels do not need painting or surface finishing. This eliminates the solvents, waste, and energy consumed by painting and maintaining painted surfaces.

The Indoor Environment

  • StonePly granite panels are dense, durable and easily cleaned, they do not promote the growth of mold and bacteria.
  • StonePly stone panels are waterproof.
  • The aviation epoxy adhesive used in the construction of the panels has a very low VOC and does not present an "off-gassing" problem in interior construction.
  • StonePly granite panels are safe for use around food, for counters and on other food contact surfaces.

Naturally Green Production

In the StonePly production process, the waste is controlled and water is recycled in the plant. Eco friendly epoxy and recycled aluminum are used. Waste streams can be recycled, the aluminum can be recycled and the stone re used. Practically every piece of limestone, granite or marble taken into our production facility is processed into a usable product, including powdered marble and granite dust from the wet saws.

Naturally Green Transportation

Because StonePly weighs so much less than thick granite, marble or other stones, the transportation cost and fuel used in transportation is reduced. This can add up to fuel savings, and pollution reduction of up to 80% when compared to comparable cladding products.

Naturally Green Buildings

Some building materials require costly, wasteful maintenance or complete replacement. As a durable natural stone panel, StonePly eliminates the cost and environmental impact of frequent replacement. Stone panels don't require repainting or other extensive maintenance.

Stone Resources and Supply

Often quarries have tens of thousands of years worth of supply of stone. Sometimes though, quarries only have a limited supply of a certain rare stone. Because StonePly uses less stone, that supply can go farther.

As our company has grown into a worldwide organization, our impact on the environment has become an increasingly important part of our culture. We pledge to make every effort to be good global citizens.

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