There are many options when it comes to installing StonePly panels. Fortunately they are all easy. Get an installation overview and installer manuals here.


Install Z Clip Render CutawayExtruded aluminum moldings are attached to the target substrate. At StonePly's facilities, Z-clips are attached to the back of the panel, which will then slide down into the Z molding that is attached to the target substrate. The Z moldings are mechanically fastened to the substrate. The panels are then inserted into the moldings.

Get a printable PDF and detailed Z-clip installation instructions.

Concealed Screw

Render of StonePly panel installed using a concealed screw systemPlates on the back of the panel extend into the joint. Screws attach the plate to the substrate. The backer rod and sealant at the joint conceal the screws. All fasteners are concealed and panel joints (1/2" typical) are finished with an approved sealant.

Get a printable PDF and detailed concealed screw installation instructions.

Interlocking Channel

Interlocking Channel InstallationA new attachment style for StonePly that makes panel installation even easier and quicker than before.

Read more about installing with interlocking-channel.

Adhesive Attachment

Read more about installing StonePly stone panels with structural silicone to a substrate.

Pre-panelized Systems


Read more about installing StonePly stone panels as countertops.

Translucent Panel Channel

Read more about installing StonePly translucent panels with channel.