Floors Installation

Floors Installation

Learn how to install Stoneply flooring. Get a list of materials and tools needed plus step-by-step instructions in a convenient, printable PDF manual.

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  • StonePly is a natural stone bonded to a composite backing. It is installed with flooring adhesive (either urethane or epoxy). It is not intended to be installed with cement based products, mortar or thin-set.
  • Stone is a product of nature and therefore variations, veins, minor chips and fissures are to be expected.
  • Only a qualified professional floor installer should perform your StonePly Stone Floor installation.
  • While every installation is different, following these guidelines will help to ensure the proper installation of your new StonePly Stone Floor.

Installation Tools Needed

Installation Tools Needed

Each project is different, but generally the tools needed for installation include

  • Wet Power Saw with Diamond Blade
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Chalk Line
  • Plastic Spacers
  • Tapping Block
  • Adhesive Trowel
  • Carpenters Square
  • Weights or Braces to press the flooring flat
  • Polymer Flooring Adhesive

Pre-Installation and Jobsite Requirements

All issues involving the subfloor, water or moisture should be resolved prior to the installation of StonePly stone flooring. The flooring should be one of the last items installed. If you are installing a StonePly floor over concrete, make sure the concrete is sound, clean, dry and has no sealer.


The quality and preparation of the subfloor is important in installing your StonePly stone floors. Acceptable subfloor types include plywood and concrete. The subfloors must be structurally sound, clean and free of all debris, wax, grease, paint, sealers, and old adhesives and other substances which may impair proper installation. Subfloors should be rigid, smooth and flat, with no voids or low spots. A smooth flat rigid subfloor is needed to ensure a continuous support and

bond between the floor and subfloor and to prevent any transfer of defects (commonly known as telegraphing) through the StonePly flooring.

Glue Down Installation

Always dry fit the floor first, to ensure all parts fit and layout is accurate. Use only high quality flooring adhesive recommended for composite materials. Follow instructions for the adhesive carefully. When needed, use weights, braces or straps to hold the flooring flat and in full contact with the adhesive until the adhesive cures. Do not allow any spilled or excess adhesive anywhere on the surface of the stone floor.

Finishing the Job

Remove expansion spacers. Reinstall base and/or quarter round moldings to cover the expansion space. Do not allow any foot traffic or heavy furniture for at least 24 hours. Do not leave masking tape or any other high tack tapes on your newly installed floor for an extended period of time. If masking tape must be used, it should be removed from the floor on daily basis to avoid damaging the finish. Clean and remove all dirt and debris from floor by dust mopping. Apply

stone sealer/ protector as selected. The finished floor should be treated appropriately to the stone type selected.

Disclaimer and Warning

These are general guidelines, not full instructions. Every job is different and a competent, experienced professional, skilled in construction, carpentry, safety and proper use of tools should direct the work.