What Are StonePly Stone Panels?

Real Stone

  • Beautiful, natural stone can now be used anywhere
  • Incredible selection of stones from countries around the world
  • Make it unique with a custom finish

Real Strong

  • 60 times the impact strength of solid stone panels
  • Tested at wind speeds of over 300 miles per hour
  • Blast resistant when used as the exterior building envelope
  • Earthquake resistant stone panels that flex without breaking

Real Thin

  • StonePly weighs 80% less than solid stone panels
  • Typically only an inch thick
  • More room for insulation and floor space

StonePly Helps Keep Deadlines

Design Speed

The StonePly system of building cladding takes less time to design than traditional masonry. StonePly cladding panels offer designers and engineers pre-engineered strength capabilities and pre-designed anchoring systems. This eliminates the variables of solid stone cladding that can slow down the design and engineering process. In addition, StonePly offers a high degree of engineering and design assistance to speed the cladding design process.

Fabrication Speed

StonePly panels and components can be pre-fabricated as other work progresses. The stone cladding panels can arrive at the site prepared and ready to install. As a single source supplier, StonePly cladding panels help maintain the schedule of the project.

Installation Speed

With its high strength and low weight of around 112 lbs per 4' x 8' sheet, installers can quickly and easily install StonePly stone cladding. The lightweight of StonePly allows crews to cover more area faster than with heavy, thick stone cladding materials. Fast erection of the cladding will lessen weather and material damage during construction, reduces the contractor's risks and costs, and gets the finished building to market and earning income faster.

All Weather, Year-Round Installation

StonePly stone panels are installed using Z-clips or screws and do not require field applied mortar or epoxy. Because StonePly cladding panels are fabricated under factory controlled conditions and use no mortar or grout for installation, they can be installed year-round. Harsh winter weather and rain have minimal impact on the production and installation schedule.

Read more about StonePly's simple install process.

Endless Design Possibilities

Hundreds of Stones Available

With StonePly, architects and designers can select almost any stone, from almost anywhere in the world. All natural stones are available: granites, marbles, limestones, travertine, sandstone, slate, etc.

Browse our enormous selection of natural stones with our Stone Selector Tool.


Whether you want the polished refinement of a mirror-like surface, or the rustic feel of a bush-hammered stone, StonePly offers a range of finish options.

Learn more about polished, honed, sandblasted, flamed, and other textures.

Other Embellishments

Names, emblems, logos, signs and other custom designs can be sandblasted or etched into StonePly panels to create unique accents and elements.


StonePly is world renowned for having the highest quality craftsmanship and superior engineering. StonePly stone panels:

  • have 60 times the impact strength of solid stone panels
  • weigh 80% less than solid stone panels
  • have been tested at wind speeds of over 300 miles per hour
  • pass the large missile impact test requirements for hurricane-resistant structures
  • are impervious to moisture penetration, which can cause mold and mildew; a real problem with typical masonry construction
  • are earthquake resistant, thanks to their ability to flex without breaking
  • offer blast resistance when used as the exterior building envelope

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