Basic Information

StonePly is real stone bonded to aluminum honeycomb panels (StonePly HC) or aluminum composite material panels (StonePly ACM) with aviation epoxies.

Please contact us to request a sample. Usually only a small shipping fee is required.

Please note that since there are several thousand varieties of natural stone we do not have samples of all of them in stock.

  • StonePly HC: Aluminum honeycomb: the strongest and stiffest backing. Perfect for stone cladding panels.
  • StonePly ACM: Aluminum Composite Material: thin and easy to install by adhering to the wall. Perfect for interior walls and furniture.
  • StonePly Translucent: Glass or polycarbonate to allow translucent stones such as onyx and many marbles to be backlit. Perfect for bar tops, windows, lighted columns and elements.

Learn more about StonePly backing options.

Most stones are available in polished, honed, sandblasted, diamond-sawn, grooved, hammered. Most granites are also available flamed.

Need a special finish? Contact us and let us know how you would like your stone finished.

We have complete specifications available on our Technical page and CAD detail available on our CAD page. If you don't find the information you need please contact us. We are here to help.

StonePly can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, the size of the stone slab will dictate the maximum size of the panel. The maximum size of StonePly stone panels is usually 4' × 8'.

The thickness of StonePly depends on the backing material chosen and ranges from 1/4" to 1 1/2".

StonePly aluminum honeycomb-backed stone panels have a flame spread of 0 and a smoke rating of 5. This gives StonePly a rating of Class A per the NFPA standard or Class 1 per the UBC standard.

Read more about StonePly's fire ratings and safety.

Yes, StonePly stone panels are waterproof.

Read more about the impermeability of StonePly.

StonePly is ideal for renovations where minimum disruption to building occupants is a priority.

Normally renovating a building can be a major inconvenience to building occupants. StonePly's low weight means it can generally be installed over the existing wall cladding without removing it, speeding up the install process drastically.

StonePly can also match existing stone cladding if necessary. Request a sample and see what StonePly can do for your renewal project.

Our products are normally crated and palletized for protection.

Bidding and Sales

Please call, email or fax us. StonePly prices are quoted on a project-by-project basis. Send us your plans for a full take off and estimate.

StonePly is headquartered in Greenville, TX (near Dallas).

See our location and contact information.

Most sales are handled directly from our main office. We generally send someone from the main office for all presentations and design assistance.

Lead times depend on the size and complexity of the job, on our client's schedule, and on the availability of the raw stone quarry blocks. Normally products ship 9 to 12 weeks from drawing approvals, but large or complex orders can take longer. To be safe, it is best to order as early as possible. We have completed some rush projects in less than 10 days. Expediting fees and rush delivery charges may apply.

We ship to most countries. Shipping costs will depend on weight, size, and quantity of the order.

Yes. Custom work is a good portion of our business.

Contact us and let us know how we can work together to make your idea a reality.

Advantages Over Traditional Cladding

Lower weight, higher strength, faster erection, better control, impact resistance, uniform and controlled properties.

Installation time is reduced considerably by the use of the lightweight and easy to handle panels. Since the system requires no mortar, installation can proceed in almost any type of weather.

StonePly HC (aluminum honeycomb) panels have an impact strength nearly 60 times greater than 1.5" stone.


With StonePly, each stone panel is independently supported. The joints allow for the thermal expansion and contraction of the panels and the movement of the structure.


Because of its low weight, StonePly is simple to work with. Carpenters, mill workers, stone setters, glaziers, and handymen can handle the installation.

A price for StonePly installation can be given upon request.

Installation instructions depend on the stone backing and the application.

Get detailed information on installing StonePly, or Contact us with specific installation questions.

Yes. StonePly can be easily cut or trimmed using a diamond blade masonry saw.

Post-Installation Care

StonePly's natural stone face is easy to maintain. Learn more about general maintenance cleaning of stone panels.

With the right tools, minor damage caused to StonePly panels can be easily patched. Learn more about patching StonePly and what materials are needed.

Information About Natural Stones

A stone that has been formed by compacting stone particles and debris together under pressure.

A stone that has been formed by cooling magma which causes minerals to crystallize.

By geological definition, granite is a coarse-grained intrusive igneous stone with at least 65% silica composition. Quartz, potassium feldspar, and plagioclase feldspar are the main components of granite, generally giving it a fairly light color.

Gneiss (pronounced "nice") is a coarse-grained, foliated metamorphic stone that commonly has alternating bands of light and dark-colored minerals.

A metamorphic stone made of calcium carbonate. Marble forms from limestone by metamorphic recrystallization.

The stone matrix refers to the fine-grained material surrounding larger grains in a sedimentary stone.

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