Backing Options

StonePly Backing Options

StonePly offers different backings for different applications. Read more about the advantages of each backing substrate and pick the right one for your project.


  • Real, quarried stone
  • Bonded to a honeycomb matrix
  • Attaches directly to the sheathed studwall
  • Available in 3/4" or 1"


  • Real, quarried stone
  • Bonded to aluminum composite panels
  • Applies directly to a smooth surface
  • Only 5/16" thick


  • Real, quarried stone
  • Bonded to glass or polycarbonate
  • For lighted bars, walls, or panels
  • Ranges from 1/4" to 3/4" thick

Welding Stone to Aluminum

What mach speed aircraft epoxy has joined together, let no man separate...

... or tornado, or hurricane, or earthquake. StonePly stone panels feature the same high-quality, military strength epoxy that is used in aircraft traveling over the speed of sound, permanently adhering stone to aluminum with a tested bond strength of over 45,000 pounds per square foot.

Wind Speed Chart