Translucent Panel Channel

Translucent Panel Channel

Learn how to install StonePly translucent panels with channels. Get a list of materials and tools needed plus instructions in a printable PDF document.


Installers should be craftsmen with construction experience. Installers should read the instructions and follow all OSHA and other safety requirements. StonePly panels are a finished natural stone product. Use care to protect them during installation.

Installation Supplies and Tools

Installation Supplies

  • Glazier's horseshoe shaped shims in various sizes
  • Glazier's U-Shaped Channel Sections
  • Dow Corning 795 Silicone (clear) or equivalent
  • No. 10 Tek Screws

Installation Tools

  • Pliers to Cut Shims
  • 48" Level and 24" Level
  • Thin Glazier's Pry Bar for Shimming
  • Dead Blow Mallet

Panel Storage and Staging

Store the stone panels in a clean, dry area. As the StonePly stone panels are removed from the packaging crates, they should be placed on carpet, foam or other padding to protect the stone face and edges. Keeping the stone panels clean and organized will speed installation. While StonePly panels are strong and impact resistant, keep in mind that they are a finished product. The natural stone facing can be chipped at the edges and softer stones can be scratched. Some stones can be stained by dirt, mud or construction materials. Some care should be used in staging the stone panels. By arranging the panels in the order needed for installing, productivity of the installation is improved.

Installing Channels

  • Measure the opening sizes.
  • Cut the head and sill channel sections to size. Butt all joints.
  • Use a laser level to keep the channels level and if necessary, shim with glazier's horseshoe shaped shims.
  • Attach the U-shaped channel sections to the ceiling and floor with No. 10 Tek screws every 12 inches on center. For extra support, apply a structural silicone to the channels before installing.

Installing Translucent Panels

  • Before installing, clean the surface of the stone with a mild soap and water mixture.
  • Apply silicone to the inside of the channels.
  • Insert panels. Use shims as necessary to keep the spacing between the panels and channels equal.
  • For joints between translucent panels use a clear silicone to seal the joints. For translucent panel to aluminum joints, backer rod and silicone should be used to the seal the joints.

Disclaimer and Warning

These are general guidelines, not full instructions. Every job is different and a competent, experienced professional, skilled in construction, carpentry, safety and proper use of tools should direct the work.