StonePly is resilient to foot traffic and can be used for elevator floors, dance floors, and more. Learn why StonePly is the best choice for your project.

For elevated floors and specialty flooring needs, StonePly can help. The world's premier supplier of lightweight stone composite panels, StonePly offers custom designed stone flooring panels for all types of flooring challenges.

Our real stone over aluminum honeycomb offers a strong lightweight flooring panel. Our super thin stone over FRP panel meets the needs for thin stone panels and our StonePly translucent allows for elevated and illuminated flooring in onyx or marble.

StonePly Translucent

  • Onyx, alabaster or marble on glass or polycarbonate
  • Dramatic appearance
  • Lightweight and strong
  • World's largest selection of translucent stones and backing options

StonePly FRP

  • Thin granite, marble, limestone or travertine backed with high performance fiberglass
  • Lightweight and strong
  • World's largest selection of stones and backing options

Dance Flooring

StonePly can produce high-performance dance floor panels in translucent stone or stone on honeycomb. Support grid, edge closures and connections can be integrated into the stone panel design to provide a turnkey solution.

Elevated Flooring

For elevated access flooring, StonePly can provide stone panels with honeycomb reinforcing that allow for under floor access.

Read more about elevator flooring.

Thin Stone Flooring

Where standard stone slab flooring abuts other flooring, it requires a recessed concrete slab to accommodate the variation in thickness between the thick stone slabs and the adjacent flooring. StonePly FRP offers a thin stone flooring solution with stone slabs that are able to abut carpet, thin wood flooring or other flooring options, without the need to "sink" the slab at specific areas. This allows for stone slab flooring on renovations where the existing slab is not recessed. It also avoids the coordination problems of recessed slabs in new construction.

Other Flooring Applications:

  • Cruise Ship or Yacht decking
  • Illuminated dance floors
  • Rotating or elevated displays
  • Adjustable elevated platforms


Because StonePly is a precision made, high performance product StonePly is not intended for standard flooring applications where solid stone, bedded in mortar, will work. StonePly is intended for special applications where a lightweight, strong floor is required.

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