Find beautiful, lightweight, and quality natural stone room partitions at StonePly. Get specifications for our stone bathroom partitions and materials here.

A Better Way to Design and Specify Stone Toilet Compartments

Rich natural stone on all exposed faces

Rich natural stone on all exposed faces

Gorgeous, durable, and timeless,  the many varieties of natural stone offered by StonePly fit any décor.

High Strength

High Strength

Up to 60 times the impact strength of a 1" granite slab means virtually no breakage and superior vandal resistance.

Comparison of Toilet Compartment Materials

Comparison of Toilet Compartment Materials
FeaturesLaminate and composite toilet compartmentsSolid slab stone toilet compartmentsStonePly toilet compartments
Quality look and feel of natural stone   checkmark checkmark
High impact resistance     checkmark
Scratch resistant   checkmark checkmark
Lightweight checkmark   checkmark
Doors available checkmark   checkmark
Easy install checkmark   checkmark
Will not burn or scorch   checkmark checkmark
100% water proof construction, will not delaminate even under water   checkmark checkmark
Design freedom. 500+ varieties of stone available from one supplier.   checkmark checkmark
100% natural and safe with no VOC hazards   checkmark checkmark
Unique natural stone markings, feel and originality   checkmark checkmark

Dressing Room Partitions


  • Protect the privacy of your customers with sturdy materials
  • Durable and inviting, easily install clothes hangers, racks, and mirrors
  • StonePly stone dressing room panels can be used where 10 21 16 or 10 21 16.40 are specified

Shower Partitions

Shower Smaller

  • Easily attach to existing walls with StonePly lightweight cladding
  • StonePly aluminum honeycomb backing is impermeable by water
  • Naturally durable and easy to maintain, stone is perfect for constantly moist environments
  • StonePly stone shower panels can be used where 10 21 16 or 10 21 16.40 are specified 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Determine the layout for the restroom partitions. Sample partition layouts are provided on our drawings page. If you need assistance with the process, let us know. We are here to help.
  2. Select the type of stone. StonePly offers numerous varieties of granite, marble, travertine, limestone, and onyx.
  3. Once the order is placed, StonePly will provide shop drawings detailing the connections, layouts, attachments, and panel numbers.
  4. When the drawings are approved, StonePly will cut, fabricate, and deliver the partitions.
  5. Since the panels are strong and lightweight, the installation can be handled by a carpenter.

Get detailed installation instructions.

Thanks to its high-strength aluminum honeycomb core, StonePly restroom partitions are about as light as MDF particle board.

StonePly is a quality natural stone product, and StonePly toilet partitions typically cost about the same as a good stainless steel partition. If you are designing a project where appearance is not important, or the building is expected to be temporary in nature, a laminate or composite partition is cheaper.

Yes. On request, StonePly can be etched or sandblasted with your custom design.

Almost anyone with basic construction skills and the ability to follow instructions can install StonePly bathroom partitions.

The best stone is the one that appeals to you. With traditional slab stone, designers had to be concerned about the strength of the stone and several exotic marbles could not be used. With StonePly, the strength of the panel is derived from the internal aluminum honeycomb core. This means almost any stone can be used.

Some of the more popular stone options are:

  • Granite - Nearly as hard as a diamond, granite is an ideal material for partition surfaces.
  • Marble - A beautiful choice for restroom partitions and is available in hundreds of colors.
  • Limestone - A calcite-based stone, limestone toilet partitions are generally not available with a highly polished surface.
  • Onyx and Travertine - An ideal partition surface for a more exotic look.

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