Honeycomb-Core Stone Toilet Compartments

Honeycomb-Core Stone Toilet Compartments

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  • Section includes: StonePly toilet compartments, urinal screens, privacy screens, including required fittings, hardware, and accessories.
  • Furnish and install supplementary blocking and accessories as shown in drawings for a complete and secure installation.


  • Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design.
  • ANSI A117.1 - American National Standard for Buildings and Facilities - Providing Accessibility and Usability for Physically Handicapped People.
  • ASTM E84 - Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials.
  • UFAS - Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards.
  • ASTM C 119-04: Terminology Relating to Dimension Stone


  • Product Data: Submit product data, specifications and manufacturer’s installation instructions.
  • Shop Drawings: Submit shop drawings for architect’s review and approval prior to fabrication, including pertinent details for installation, showing layout plan, sizes, attachments, supports and adaptation of system to specific project.
  • Samples: Submit a minimum of one 6" by 6" sample for each stone type selected.
  • Test Data: Submit a summary of testing conducted verifying partition panel performance characteristics.


  • Source: Provide StonePly partitions which are the products of one manufacturer.


  • Installer shall verify that field measurements are as indicated on shop drawings. Advise of any changes before fabrication and indicate measurements on Shop Drawings.
  • Coordination: Coordinate location and quantity of any concealed in wall blocking.


  • Deliver materials and products in unopened factory labeled packages.
  • Store products in manufacturer's unopened packaging until ready for installation, in a clean dry area protected from weather, moisture and damage; store units upright and not stacked unless permitted by manufacturer.



Acceptable Manufacturer:

StonePly Co.

4400 Oneal St

Greenville, TX  75401

Tel: (903) 454-0904 Fax: (903) 454-3642

Email: sales@stoneply.com   www.stoneply.com

Substitutions:  Not permitted.


Varieties and Source:
  • Stone: [Insert stone variety] by StonePly Co.
The stone shall match the sample
  • Stone Finish shall be (select one) [polished], [honed],or [custom], [to match the approved sample].Polished finish is standard.
All reinforced stone partition panels and doors shall have the following properties.
  • Thickness 1” or 1¼” to match standard of design
  • Facing: ¼” thickness of natural granite, marble or limestone as selected
  • All exposed edges of panel shall be natural stone
  • Reinforcing: ½” or ¾“aluminum honeycomb composite bonded with high strength epoxy.
  • Average Weight: 4.5 lbs. per sq. ft.
  • Dimensional Tolerance: Plus or minus 1/8" (3.2mm) in all directions. Plus or minus 1/8" (3.2mm) diagonally.


  • The stone panel’s performance shall meet or exceed the following properties.
  • Acid-Freeze-Thaw: Loss in flexural strength shall not exceed 20% after 100 freeze thaw cycles + 170F to -10F immersed in dilute sulfuric acid.
  • Large Missile Impact test: Missile impact panel with a solid wood stud, nominal 2 x 4, #2 surface dry, Southern Pine of not less than 8'-6'. in length and 9 lbs. in weight at a velocity between 50 and 52 ft./sec. without defined specimen failure.
  • Tension Bond Capacity: Shall exceed the tensile strength of the stone selected or 320 psi following accelerated aging by rapid freeze thaw temperature cycling from -20 degrees F to +130 degrees F.
  • Flame Spread ASTM E-84 : 0 Maximum smoke development: 5. Maximum fuel contribution: 0


Brackets: Stirrup Type: U-brackets,
  • [Chrome-plated, nonferrous, cast zinc alloy]
  • [Clear anodized aluminum]
  • [Stainless steel]
  • [Chrome-plated brass].
        Hardware and Accessories: Manufacturer's standard design hardware and accessories.
        • [Chrome-plated, nonferrous, cast zinc alloy]
        • [Clear anodized aluminum]
        • [Stainless steel]
        • [Chrome-plated brass].
              Fasteners: Manufacturer's exposed fasteners of stainless steel or chrome-plated steel or brass, finished to match hardware.
              • Provide theft-resistant-type heads.
              • Provide through-bolt applications.

              2.5 DOORS

              • Provide 24-inch- wide in-swinging StonePly doors for standard toilet compartments
              • Provide 36-inch- wide out-swinging StonePly doors with a minimum 32-inch- wide clear opening for toilet compartments indicated to be ADA accessible.
              • Hardware:
                • Hinges: Self-closing type, adjustable to hold doors open at angle up to 90 degrees.
                • Latch and Keeper: Latch unit designed for emergency access with door strike and keeper.
                • Coat Hook: Combination hook and rubber-tipped bumper, sized to prevent door from hitting compartment-mounted accessories.
                • Door Bumper: Rubber-tipped bumper at out-swinging doors.
                • Door Pull: Door pulls complying with accessibility requirements at out-swinging doors. Provide units on both sides of doors at accessible compartments.

              PART 3 – EXECUTION

              3.1 PREPARATION

              • Verify that site conditions are ready to receive work and opening dimensions are as indicated on shop drawings.
              • Verify correct spacing of plumbing fixtures.

              3.2 INSTALLATION

              • Install in accordance with applicable code and manufacturer's recommendations, secure, plumb and true to line.
              • Attach panels and pilasters to brackets with tamper-resistant thru-bolted screws.
              • All panels shall be installed in proper alignment in accordance with the approved Shop Drawings.

              3.3 ADJUSTMENT

              • Adjust doors to work smoothly and correctly.
              • Adjust and align hardware to uniform clearance at vertical edge of doors.
              • Adjust hinges to locate in swing doors in partial open position and out swing doors in closed position when unlatched.

              3.4 CLEANING

              • Clean all dirt and marks from stone partition panels using water or a stone cleaner appropriate for the type of stone and per manufacturer’s recommendations.