Aghia Marina Marble

Other NamesSemi-White Of Aghia Marina marble, Santa Marina marble, Agia Marina Marble
Finishes Polished, Honed, Sawn, Rockfaced, Sandblasted, Tumbled, Acid Wash, Antique
Country of OriginGreece
Fire Performance0 flame spread (per ASTM E 84)
Freeze Thaw ResistanceGood
Panel SizesUp to 4'×8' (1220mm×2440mm)
Structural Performance (on Honeycomb)Excellent

Aghia Marina Marble Panels by StonePly

Aghia Marina Marble Panels: A Class Act

Aghia Marina Marble is an example of understated elegance. Similar to Pillion White and Grey of Alivery, this particular kind of marble is also known as Semi-White of Aghia Marina marble, Santa Marina marble, and Agia Marina marble. Greece, where the stone originates, is one of the most renowned producers of marble. For centuries, it has used this material in sculptures and architecture that were meant to capture immortality.

StonePly brings you this timeless art through its Aghia Marble stone panels. Aghia Marina marble panels are a distinctive creamy white color. Aghia Marina Marble is produced in nature from the purest limestone, which is the reason for its pristine color. Each stone panel is marked by a unique gray to blue secondary color which gives it a distinct character. These subtle eddies increases the value of the marble.

Aghia Maria is a durable marble and when combined with the StonePly reinforced backing, provides a strong and durable stone cladding. As a kind of metamorphic rock, it was formed as the limestone was subjected to concentrated forces of heat and pressure to create marble. This process of creation lends this particular kind of natural stone its durability. With an absorption rate of 0.001, Aghia Marina marble is practically impervious to water damage.

StonePly stone panels made from Aghia Marina marble are up to 60 times more impact resistant than ordinary solid marble blocks. The StonePly system allows it to also resist heat and seismic movements extremely well.

StonePly Aghia Maria marble panels offer cost advantages also and can reduce the cost of construction when compared to traditional marble cladding. The stone panels are lightweight and they can be easily lifted by hand. This reduces labor costs and construction time. Moreover, this decreases the structural load on the building and makes the building safer for the occupants. This makes StonePly marble panels an ideal material for use in claddings, elevator cabs, and wall coverings.

StonePly Aghia Marina marble panels bring together the elusive traits of great beauty as well as great strength. These stone panels are a product of modern aluminum honeycomb technology and nature's patient creative works. Through the use of Stoneply's stone panels, the construction takes on a new dimension of elegance - one that is neither too audacious nor too bold. Instead, it has a quiet dignity, its value found in the knowledge that it is naturally and effortlessly beautiful.

Additional Reading

You are probably more familiar with marble than you realize. From Michelangelo's mighty carrara marble David, to the intricately carved cenotaphs of the Taj Mahal, to the royal Marble Arch of Buckingham Palace, marble has been the stuff of civilized architecture and art for centuries. Being a form of limestone, it is softer than granite, making it more susceptible to deterioration and wear but a simple, regular maintenance routine will keep marble looking beautiful.

Marble has a soft, sophisticated aura. Small interior spaces will especially benefit from marble's less "busy" feel when compared to granite thanks to its large, flowing veins.

Certain marbles can be “book matched,” meaning the edges of two panels are paired to create a mirror image. Book matching's effect is best expressed on large panels.