Afyon White Marble

Other NamesAfyon marble, Afyon Beyaz marble, Afion marble, Aphyon marble, Afyon Sugar marble, Afyon Yellow marble, Afyon Honey White marble
Finishes Polished, Honed, Sawn, Rockfaced, Sandblasted, Tumbled, Acid Wash, Antique
Country of OriginTurkey
MIA Soundness ClassA
Fire Performance0 flame spread (per ASTM E 84)
Freeze Thaw ResistanceGood
Panel SizesUp to 4'×8' (1220mm×2440mm)
Structural Performance (on Honeycomb)Excellent

Afyon White Marble Panels by StonePly

Afyon White Marble Panels: White Light

White is known for its understated elegance and subtle charm. Pure and pristine, it is the color that appeals to those who know that attention is commanded and not sought after. Afyon White marble is one such example to the belief. A structure made from this material is an immediate classic and is meant to remain beautiful throughout generations.

Afyon White marble is also known as Afyon Beyaz marble, Afyon Sugar Marble, Afyon Yellow marble, and Afyon Honey White marble. Its spelling may also differ and may be known as Afion marble or Aphyon marble. But no matter what it is called, this stone retains its most inimitable quality. It is prized for its creamy color that has hints of gray. Afyon marble is quarried in Turkey then shipped as quarry blocks to the state of the art StonePly fabrication facility for processing into StonePly panels.

Marble is a metamorphic rock. This kind of stone is formed when limestone is subjected to intense heat and pressure for millions of years. This process is a catalyst for the rock to change into something stronger and more beautiful. In this case, marble is created. It is no wonder stone panels that made from this natural stone can withstand the elements quite well. It is water and heat resistant and has a low erosion rate. With an absorption rate of 0.01, it is not prone to staining. Marble can also be easily cleaned.

StonePly has taken the admirable qualities of this natural stone and made them even better. Through the use of aluminum honeycomb, Afyon White stone panels are lighter that marble slabs. They weigh a mere 3.5 lbs, per square foot, making installation and transportation easier. One can also be ensured that the stone panels display its superior strength throughout without any danger of weak points.

But its hardy nature does not come at the cost of beauty. Afyon White marble is a sight that is truly meant to be admired. Each stone panel made from this material has a distinct pattern which is unique to it. Like snowflakes, no two panels have the same pattern. Its markings provide a hint to the story behind its creation. Used for stone cladding, curtain walls, stone wall facing and panels, and even yachts and cruise ships, StonePly Afyon White marble is an ideal construction material for its durability and aesthetic appeal.

Additional Reading

You are probably more familiar with marble than you realize. From Michelangelo's mighty carrara marble David, to the intricately carved cenotaphs of the Taj Mahal, to the royal Marble Arch of Buckingham Palace, marble has been the stuff of civilized architecture and art for centuries. Being a form of limestone, it is softer than granite, making it more susceptible to deterioration and wear but a simple, regular maintenance routine will keep marble looking beautiful.

Marble has a soft, sophisticated aura. Small interior spaces will especially benefit from marble's less "busy" feel when compared to granite thanks to its large, flowing veins.

Certain marbles can be “book matched,” meaning the edges of two panels are paired to create a mirror image. Book matching's effect is best expressed on large panels.